Your way to the intelligent factory of the future.

Digitization offers tremendous opportunities for companies: Their manufacturing becomes faster, more transparent and more flexible. The efficiency increases. As a result, our economy is on the threshold of a fourth industrial revolution In short: Industry 4.0. It will fundamentally change the way we produce, work and live.

What does that mean for you and your company?

The time has come: Take the decisive steps now on the way to your intelligent factory of the future.

We will advise you. Because your digitization steps must fit your company. You have to integrate and optimize what already exists and at the same time be open for further development.

Where do you stand? Where do you want to go?

Those who set off for new shores should first know exactly where they stand. As your consulting team, we therefore drill deep. We want to understand your processes, your questions and challenges exactly. Together with you, we determine the starting point and goal of the upcoming development step.

Through our organizational and application consulting we succeed,

  • to record and analyse existing processes in detail (as-is analysis).
  • recognize optimization potentials.
  • to include the experiences of your employees.
  • to reliably determine your specific requirements.
  • to describe what the new software in conjunction with your organization should do for you.

Feel free to contact us:

Together we will work out your digitization strategy!

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We from becos

  • have over 30 years of experience.
  • test 4.0 technologies in the ESB learning factory @ Reutlingen University.
  • know what possibilities digitalization opens up for you.
  • find your optimal solutions.
  • develop proposals and concepts.
  • manage the project.
  • program our software in such a way that it optimally fits your requirements.
  • accompany and train you and your teams during the introduction phase.
  • support you in the long term with support & service-solutions.
  • work on the basis of our code of conduct

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