Machine Data Acquisition

To keep your machines running.

becosMDE / OEE enables the automatic and thus unmanned acquisition of any machine information via a direct interface to the process level and prepares the most important key figures to assess the efficiency of a production plant or the entire production.

To connect the process level, different technologies are supported :

  • Direct connection of the sensor level via digital and/or analog channels as an autonomous subsystem
  • Connection via SPS (manufacturer-specific protocol, OPC, OPC UA)
  • Connection via acquisition subsystems
  • File interface of the machine

For simple reporting of information that the machine does not automatically provide, such as organizational reasons for malfunctions, article numbers, etc., the becosMDE optionally provides a reporting dialog for PCs and MDE terminals, via which the production employee can make the respective entries on site.

The individual mapping of the machine signal assignment and update rules can be maintained graphically via state transition diagrams, so that future requirements can also be mapped without having to be programmed.

In order to assess the efficiency of a production plant or the entire production, the decisive key figures (OEE/GAE, TOEE/GAP, productivity, etc.) are automatically determined and a set of standardized analysis is provided.

The defined analyzes allow the assessment of the current situation and the identification of weak points and improvement potentials at a glance:

  • Graphical machine logbook
  • Efficiency analyses
  • Productivity analyses
  • Profitability analyses
  • Standstill analyses

In connection with the becosBDE, the information recorded by the machine is also posted to the currently registered operation/order.

This means, for example, that the production employee only has to report the scrap report in a qualified manner via dialog or can retrieve additional information on the order and its current performance.

In sum, there are the following options for recording the production-relevant confirmation data:

  • Automatic entry and further processing via becosMDE
  • Automatic recording with manual post recording via MDE terminal
  • Automatic recording with manual subsequent recording via BDE terminal
  • Manual acquisition via MDE terminal
  • Manual acquisition via BDE terminal
  • Scrap analysis


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