Manufacturing execution system and production control

Optimal planning and control.

The production control system simplifies and accelerates the fine planning and fine-tuning of the order run in the production. becosFLS supports the planning, scheduling and control components for the production. In addition, becosFLS can be used to plan other tasks.

FLS provides the user with various planning and optimization strategies. With the high-performance communication component, becosFLS exchanges planning data and planning results with ERP systems and others. Or becosFLS controls the logistics chain, in conjunction with a transport and warehouse management system.

A production control system is subject to high demands:

  • optimal planning
  • high information content
  • easy to use

The planning of a production run depends on many parameters e.g.:

  • Ressourcen
    (machinery, materials, equipment, personnel)
  • Optimization strategies
    (e.g. utilization, set-up time, operating time))
  • order priority

With becosFLS all situations can be optimally mapped and decisions about plan scenarios can be prepared in online mode.


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