production data acquisition

All data under control.

becosBDE is a flexible solution for the acquisition and visualization of all feedback data generated in the production. This is a client-server solution that can be flexibly adapted to different tasks.

The following collection terminals, also in mixed operation, are supported:



  • Classic BDE terminals (e.g. Interflex IF1744, Kaba Benzing Bedanet 95xx, multi-line display, several function keys)
  • Non-contact legacy reading and writing stations
  • Non-contact proxies
  • Magnetic card and magnetic stripe readers
  • Barcode reader (scanner, pens)
  • PC-based terminal stations
  • Touch screen terminals
  • WEB terminals
  • Mobile data collection stations (offline)
  • Wireless LAN-based terminal stations (online)
  • Connection of machine controls for online machine data captureberührungslose Legiclese- und -schreibstationen

becosBDE has distinctive standard dialogues for the assessment by the production staff, correction dialogues for the master or temporary agent and a comprehensive information and reporting system.

The automated information transfer, e.g. via SMS, ensures that the responsible persons are informed "online", even if they are not on site. The fast response guarantees short downtimes and increases productivity.

To print production papers and reports becosBDE has a built-in report generator with which reports can be individually formatted.

The integrated authorization concept ensures that users can only execute and edit functions and data that they are permitted to.

The acceptance of the orders and target specifications takes place via a standard import interface based on ASCII or via an open import interface which can be used to derive complex transformation instructions.

If there is no ERP / PPS system available or connected, orders can be created within the becosBDE.

To return the booking data to the higher-level system, a powerful standard export interface based on ASCII is available. In addition, the becosBDE has an open export interface that can be used to map even complex transformation instructions.

To connect to SAP and other transaction-oriented ERP systems, becosTM is the obvious choice for enterprise application integration.

In conjunction with the becosMDE/OEE, data cannot only be gathered by the BDE. Data can also be processed from machine controls, measuring machines and certain process-related control units. This increases data quality and relieves the production worker of routine bookings.


In sum, there are the following options for recording the production-relevant data:

  • Automatic recording and further processing via becosMDE
  • Automatic recording with manual retesting via MDE terminal
  • Automatic recording with manual retesting via BDE terminal
  • Manual acquisition via MDE terminal


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