Advanced Planning System

Optimal order and capacity planning with What-if-Analyze functionality for your production and assembly


With becosAPS you can cope with all challenges regarding an optimal scheduling of your production resources and guard your what-if-questions with a scenario simulation.

An optimal occupancy planning takes many factors into account: available capacity, delivery date, order priority, set-up time optimisation, production progress, to name just a few. Not a simple matter given the large number of your orders.

The planning engine in becosAPS knows your decision criteria and quickly determines the optimal order of all orders. You can be sure that all alternative scenarios are taken into account before orders are delayed. The result is a capacitively balanced allocation plan for all resources.

You have to decide what impact the failure of your most important machine will have and whether the Saturday shift will be enough to make up for the capacity shortage?

With the scenario simulation of becosAPS you check the situation and test the planned measures for their effectiveness on the basis of field-proven key figures beforehand, correct them and transfer the best scenario into operative planning.


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