Internet of Things

Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 made easy.

With becosONEIROI your data suppliers and receivers become industry 4.0 capable and can therefore communicate with each other almost in real time. On-premise or via the cloud

The Internet of Things refers to the linking of uniquely identifiable physical objects (things) with a virtual representation in an Internet-like structure. It no longer consists only of human participants, but also of things. (Wikipedia)

In one case, production information is to be displayed on the shop floor via an info board, in another case it is to be available across locations. Or you want to record consumption data as part of energy management and consider it in the future for planning.


becosONEIROI provides the platform for such and similar requirements in order to easily access data from sensors, devices or software systems and distribute them to interested addressees. The only requirement to build your own IoT platform is that all participants have an interface (API). Whoever provides and requires which information is parameterized with ONEIROI, the respective nodes are defined in ONEIROI.


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