PLE / Continuing education
Process-based organization of further education measures

Stay competitive!

In order for your company to remain competitive, you need well-trained employees. In doing so, it is important to continually refresh and supplement knowledge and skills in order to always be up-to-date when the task content and working environment change.

Even as a non ISO-certified company, you want to know quickly and easily whether your employees have the necessary skills, which training and further education measures need to be taken to ensure these and whether these could be applied with the desired effectiveness.

For this, becosPLE / continuing education offers you a ready- and easy-to-use software support with extensive evaluations.

The execution of the  qualification discussions, budgeting and planning of the measures as well as documentation about their execution and effectiveness is connected with a high expenditure of time.

becosPLE/continuing education supports the process of planning and implementing continuing education measures for all participants. This includes:

  • Agreement on instructions, mandatory, optional and recurring measures
  • Classification of the measure (Initial, repeat, maintenance, adaptation and extension measures)
  • Indication of the quality level to be achieved by the action visit (beginner, basic, advanced, expert)
  • Budget Transparency

  • Generation/rejection of planned measures

  • Reminder to executives about planned actions of their employees

  • Provision and recording of Happy-Sheet and effectiveness control for action assessment and evaluation
  • Reminder information on overdue measures, happy sheets and effectiveness checks
  • Printing of training certificates for display and confirmation of participation
  • Support in optimizing the training budget, e.g. by simply identifying measures that can be combined into internal training courses.
  • Effectiveness control of visited measures from the employees and superiors point of view
  • comprehensive reporting (Overview of planned measures, comparison of planned and fulfilled measures, measures not yet visited, measures and provider ranking)

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