Business Intelligence

React to opportunities and risks in a timely manner.

The graphical evaluation and navigation system FLEGRAS (FLEXIBLE GRAPHIC evaluation and analysis system) visualizes company data and prepares it for the decision makers. FLEGRAS is a modern data warehouse solution based on OLAP (Online Analytical Transaction Processing). With this technology, the fastest possible evaluations of large data volumes are possible. FLEGRAS identifies changes so early that suitable countermeasures can be taken. Complex issues can be easily analyzed and displayed using multidimensional data views (OLAP).

With FLEGRAS, the user is able to:

  • independently carry out ad-hoc evaluations
  • automatically generate cyclical evaluations and reports and to set up an active operational information system with target fulfillment control

The advantages of FLEGRAS:

  • faster and less complicated evaluation of company data
  • uniform viewing and presentation of information
  • high security through an active diagnosis and target control system

Due to the continuous analysis of operating data, entrepreneurs can react more quickly, set up a benchmarking system in a controlled manner and achieve continuous improvement of business processes through regular performance reviews.


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